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Design services

LitePrint - offers services of manufacturing a quality design project for your printing products.

Business cards for the manicure salon
Personal business cards
Euroflauer TM "Biscotti"
Euroflauer private clinic "Unilab"
Branded folder company "Point Holding"
Certificates for salon "Land Rover"
Euroflaers for tire mounting
Postcards for the company "King"
Postcards for a charity photo exhibition in London
Fragment of corporate identity for betting company
(UA) Логотип для букмекерської компанії
(UA) Логотип для евент - групи у ФБ
(UA) Редизайн фірмового знаку для апарт-готелю "Гірська Хатина"
(UA) Календар настільний для компанії з будівництва автошляхів
(UA) Шаблон папки для компанії "Про Еко"
(UA) Ескіз макета новорічної листівки для компанії "Про Еко"
(UA) Корпоративні візитки "Про Еко"
(UA) Розробка банеру для магазину сувенірів
(UA) Фрагмент каталогу для компанії по продажу взуття
(UA) Шаблон етикетки для шоколадної фабрики

Terms and pricing for layout services:

In the order menu of any kind of polygraphy on our site there is the option “Development of layout”.If you select it will appear a window for entering the data for the layout design, respectively, you need to insert your text there (checked for grammar errors) and other materials, photos or logos … And you can also describe your wishes in the comments concerning the order, for example, color or other things. How clearly and in detail you will give the information about the development of layout so much more chances that the designer will hit the target you want to achieve.

In fixed term the mailbox will come with a layout and you need to agree or make adjustments (in writing form will be better) and only after the complete approval the layout goes to print.

Company Lightprint is not responsible for grammatical mistakes in the layouts if the customer did not notice them after matching the layouts.

Prices and deadlines. (the terms may change if the layout has not been timely reviewed). Take to your attention that the terms are indicated excluding weekends.

  1. Business cards, greetings, calendars, one side – 80 UAH two-way – 120 UAH per day
  2. All flyers and postcards – one way – 150 UAH two way – 190 EUR for 2 days
  3. Posters – 150grn 1 day
  4. Stickers – 50×90 – 80grn; for 1 day, the rest sizes – for 190 grn in 2 days
  5. Blanks – UAH 150 per day
  6. Hengery – 150grn in 1 day
  7. Folders – 190 grn in 2 days
  8. Booklets – all for UAH 250 per 2 days


  1. Development of a layout text only: – UAH 50 per day
  2. Layout with photos: + 190 grn in 2 days
  3. Layout for large planes (more than 10kvm): + 350grn in 3 days

The price for the layout design involves: making the 1st version of the layout, but with available edits – a change of the color, size and type of print, adding or removing photos in the layout. In cases when you want to order several layouts such as business cards with different contacts, you can describe it in the order (in the “comments” field), in that case the cost for the working will not double.

Importantly! When you submit textual information for the layout and then  decided to replace the entire text ,  the cost of this replacement will be + 50grn for each side of the layout, so check and match the texts for the layouts before submitting it to the work.


1. Logo ready vector based materials (one) – 1000hrn 5 days

2. Logo from the “zero” – 2900 grn 7 working days (1-2variants)

3. Logotype + brandbook for the logo – 4500grn 10 working days

4. Logo + corporate identity to 5 elements of the firm. style – 6500 UAH 15 working days

5. Comprehensive package: logo + full brandbook with outsourcing designers to the client – from 15 000 grn 25 work days.