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About us

LitePrint is an online service where it is easy and fast to order the printing of printed products online.

Our aim is to simplify maximally, optimize and reduce the printing press cost accordingly, and to allow the client to independently choose any parameters in a wide range of opportunities for offset and large-format printing, no hidden prices or additional services, you can now plan the cost of any of your advertising campaign or simply printing business cards.

We have stable and competitive prices and a team of professional designers will provide the development of models for your printing products.

We are working on a continuous updating and improvement of our service; in the future, new products and new features will be available.

  • Light Print is not an advertising agency
  • We do not accept orders for the development of layouts in the office (meeting in the office only for discussing cooperation or drafting of contracts, etc.).
  • Printing on T-shirts, pens, bags and other things is not up to us:)