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Files are accepted in formats: TIF, JPG, PDF, PSD.

Not accepted: GIF, BMP, PICT, DOC, XLS, etc.

Layout size

Layout size. The layout should be made with an assumption of 2 mm on each side.

Important information should be located not closer than 4 mm to the edge of the layout, with allowance.

All elements of “swing” (photo or background image) should occupy the entire area of ​​the layout. Files should not contain cutting marks, cross-combinations, scales, and any other elements.

For example:

  • Drop-cut business card format: 54×94 mm, post-cut size will be 50×90 mm;
  • Drop-cut postcard format: 103×214 mm, post-cut size will be 99×210 mm.

General file requirements

All layers are built

No alpha channels

No links to embedded images (for CDR, AI, and EPS format)

The color model is CMYK

TIF file

All layers are combined

Does not contain alpha channel

Does not contain compression

The color model is CMYK

JPG file

Only the standard format. Do not use JPG 2000 or JPG stereo

Saved with maximum quality

No compression

PDF file
PDF version not less than 1.5

No transparency

All fonts in curves

Does not contain labels, cries, and other unpublished objects

Color model CMYK


No effects

Curves fonts

No links to embedded images

Without ole-objectsDoes not contain gradient fill

Color model CMYK

It is forbidden to set the page background through document properties (Options / Document / Background)

AI and EPS file

Does not contain effects

Curves fonts

Does not contain links to embedded images

Does not contain ole-object

Does not contain gradient fill

Color model CMYK

Print extension

The optimal resolution for offset printing is 300 dpi


CMYK or Gray Gradient, 8 Bit / Channel

Minimum color is not less than 15%

Maximum color not more than 300%

No built-in color profiles

Crushed for the perfect black

S-50 M-50 Y-50 K-100

Grey С-0 M-0 Y-0 K-100


The file is loaded in multipage PDF format

spreadsheets or page pages also in TIF and JPG format

If there are several files, be sure to archive them in one archive.

Incorrect turntables (eg pages 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, etc.) do not take.

Departures from the edge to significant elements for brochures – not less than 7 mm

Font size

The size of the font for printing on a light background is not less than 5 points.

The font size for printing on a dark background is at least 6 points.